Board of Directors


Ch. Mohammad Iqbal Majid Former Chairman POEPA

Email: chairman@iqbalgroup.biz

Ch. Mohammad Iqbal Majid, the founder of Iqbal Group is a seasoned entrepreneur. With his intellectual vision, continuous hard work, and perseverance, he laid the foundation of Iqbal Group in 1978. His extraordinary contributions over 39 years have, over generations, made Iqbal Group one of the most trusted names in Manpower, Travel & Tourism and Real Estate.

Among his long list of services, a few highlights are:

  • Chairman POEPA (Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association) 1994-97 & 2001-02.
  • Convener Umrah Services TAAP (Travel Agents Association of Pakistan) for Royal Saudi Consulate 2003-04.
  • Legal Advisor of Central POEPA (Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association) 2002-03.


Like Father Like Son

Mr. Nadeem Iqbal Ch. Mr. Waseem Iqbal Ch. And Mr. Faheem Iqbal Ch. (all the three sons) are highly qualified experts in their respective fields and passionate in continuing their father’s mission and legacy of delivering services with exceptional professionalism.


Nadeem Iqbal Ch.

Director Business & Liaison,
Iqbal Manpower Consultants
Masters in Marketing Management (Australia)
B.Sc, B.Pharm. (P.U)
Email: nadeem.iqbal@iqbalgroup.biz

Engr. Waseem Iqbal Ch.

Director Finance, Admin & Travel
Iqbal Manpower Consultants
M.S. Software Engineering
Email: waseem.iqbal@iqbalgroup.biz

Engr. Faheem Iqbal Ch.

Director Talent Hunt & Operations
Iqbal Manpower Consultants
B.S Elect (FAST)
L.L.B. (IU)
Email: faheem.iqbal@iqbalgroup.biz